Dear employees of FACILITY 1319:
Today at 15:57:12 GMT a WST MIND-B workplace safety routine will trigger a LEVEL 19 FACILITY-WIDE FIRE EMERGENCY DRILL. It is mandatory for all employees to read the relevant section (pages 411-703) of the WST EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDEBOOK in preparation for this drill.
The LEVEL 19 drill will feature pyrotechnics designed to simulate real fire. It is therefore likely that many of your personal effects may be destroyed during the simulated emergency. Note that WST has a policy to accept no liability for damages resulting from ermegencies, simulated or otherwise.

A reminder that only those who have completed the EMERGENCY EXIT PROCEDURES I & II qualifications may attempt to escape during drills or real emergencies. Any employee without these qualifications who attempts to escape is in breach of company policy and will be severely reprimanded. In the likely event that the employee expires during the unsanctioned escape, WST will seek fiscal compensation from their next of kin.

The next training month for EMERGENCY EXIT PROCEDURES I will be MARCH 2092.The next training month for EMERGENCY EXIT PROCEDURES II will be FEBRUARY 2092.Note that it is necessary to have compleyed EMERGENCY EXIT PROCEDURES I before taking EMERGENCY EXIT PROCEDURES II.Each course requires attending a 4 hour lecture every day during the designated month. This 4 hour lecture is not sanctioned by management and will count as personal time. This will be docked from your pay, along with the cost of the course and necessary materials.

Due to inefficient escape routes, employees in HIGHLY FLAMMABLE MATERIALS STORAGE 01 should be particularly vigilant during the drill.

WST values company safety very highly, and hopes that today’s drill will be carried out smoothly by all involved.